my Food Traffic Lights

screenshots for my Food Traffic Lights showing kg and salt nutrition recommendations

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  • Personal nutrition recommendations for a healthy and balanced diet
  • Very exact results based on scientific studies
  • Use the app to either lose, keep, or gain weight 
  • Check nutrition information on foods and drinks the easy way
  • No annoying calorie counting or barcode scanning 
  • Guaranteed anonymity with no registration

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Brief information on what the app is

my Food Traffic Lights is the easiest but also most accurate diet app for choosing foods. Based on personal nutrition recommendations, you can hold, gain or lose weight.


Due to the use of a traffic light diet system, my Food Traffic Lights is the easiest diet app and like an everyday personal nutritionist, who is always there when you need him. Based on traffic lights for nutrients (fat, saturates, sugar & salt/sodium) and calories, the app shows you, which foods are good for a healthy diet and which foods you better should eat less. Calorie counters and also barcode scanners are no longer required as the traffic lights immediately show you, which foods match a healthy diet and which do not.


Nutrition facts on packages of food and drinks are limited to nutrition recommendations only for the diet of an average woman with a daily calorie requirement of 2,000 kcal. Unlike other diet and fitness apps, my Food Traffic Lights does not provide just standardized nutrition facts and nutrition recommendations. Standardized nutrition recommendations do not match your personal daily diet as everyone has different nutrition requirements!


Based on your body measures as well as the results of comprehensive scientific studies (e.g., of the World Health Organization / WHO), my Food Traffic Lights works as your everyday personal nutritionist and calculates personal nutrition recommendations for you. Thanks to the application of scientific studies, my Food Traffic Lights calculates results, which are much more accurate than the results of similar apps


Now, choosing healthy food and drinks is much easier for you and losing weight also becomes healthier.

How to use the app in 3 steps

1. Step

my Food Traffic Lights app step 1 body measures

Enter your body measures.

Your anonymity is guaranteed as no registration or login is required.

2. Step

my Food Traffic Lights app step 2 personal nutrition recommendations

Receive your personal Food Traffic Lights.

3. Step

my Food Traffic Lights app step 3 how to apply

Now, you can compare nutrition facts on packagings of food and drinks with your personal Food Traffic Lights.